We believe that it is not necessary to destroy our planet in order to dress our children.

 Our project is based on sustainable materials, a social and environmental compromise and the reduction of irresponsible textile consumption.

Help us to do make a difference!



The most sustainable and lowest impact garn of the world!

5% of the world’s waste is textile. Of this textile trash 95% could be recycled to produce new, upcycled clothes. The supra-upcycling process of Recover transforms textile waste into new textiles with high quality garn.

Each item of mimOOkids:

  • Saves 2800l of water
  • Uses 0% of toxic chemicals, 0% of dying chemicals 
  • Needs 0gr of pesticides, 0gr of fertilizers to cultivate this cotton 
  • Cares your children’s skin
  • Reduces 20kg of CO2 emission due to local production in Valencia, Spain

Our mimOOkids colours are the unique result of the mixture of Recover recycled garn and virgin, organic and non-dyed cotton. Each fabric is personalized and has a big character.

Give another chance to the textile waste and close the loop of the Fashion Industry!


One hectar of a conventional cotton field needs 800kg of chemical fertilizer, 8 types of pesticides and genetically modified seeds.

We use organic cotton:

  • Saves more than 2500l of water in each item
  • Make a growing possible with 0% of pesticides and  0% toxic chemicals
  • The dying is not toxic and bio-degradable
  • Extends the life cycle of the cotton fields and makes the growing more sustainable 
  • The cotton farmers certified by GOTS receive fairer prices and deliver in more reasonable time spans

Certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), the most demanding standard testing organic materials and their production process.

Step into a more sustainable future!


Our compromise with the sustainability doesn’t stop with the delivery.

  • We don’t use plastics to transport our items from the factories neither to send them to you
  • Our boxes and filling paper are recycled
  • All the packaging can be recycled again to close the loop

Close the loop of the packaging! Recycle! 


mimOOkids only uses materials with non-animal origin, we are a vegan brand. We use beautiful materials:

  • Untreated and ecological wood
  • Vegan washable leather called Snappap (recycled paper and latex)
  • Recycled paper

The future of the planet is in your hands.


Between 10 and 20% of the fabric id thrown away after cutting the patterns. In mimOOkids we use these textile waste to create small accessories and offer Repair Kits for our items.

…Soon on sale


We design and produce in small factories near to Barcelona in order to be closer to you.

  • We reduce the transport ways to bring the items to you
  • We save 20kg of CO2 emission in each item
  • We support the local economy
  • We guarantee fair working conditions and the protection of basic human rights as health, security and freedom
  • We collaborate with social projects

Slow, local and ethical production! 


The whole collection is evolutive and has a grow-with-me concept. The items have been designed to last longer than normal, from 1 to 2 years. 

  • The sleeves of Organic & Smart have elastic cuffs 
  • The hem of all trousers can be rolled-up up to 6cm
  • The cuffs of the Upcycled Classics are easy to roll-up, as well
  • The designs are uni-sex
  • The cutting patterns are loose and adapt themselves to different heights and body forms 
  • The items of the collection are combinable between them and can be passed to sisters, brothers and friends 
  • You consume less textile items and save money!

A more sustainable use of the textile industry. Welcome to the Slow-Fashion!