Monika, the founder in the Showroom in Barcelona

Our story

mimOOkids was born in 2019 with the desire to add a new purpose to kids clothing. Tired of tiny openings for big children’s heads and impossible closings for small hands, we wanted to give small children the possibility to be more autonomous in their daily tasks and to push their learning-by-doing.

As mother of two small, very independent children I want only the best for them. And so I wanted to offer the same to other parents all over the world.

With mimOOkids small children learn how to dress themselves! We believe in the importance of empowering children to do things on their own. Inspired by the learning method of Maria Montessori, mimOOkids provides innovative dressing solutions adapted to the children’s ages. mimOOkids boosts the self-confidence, the colour learning & fine motor skills for toddlers and children from 0 to 6 years old.

Monika Ligeza

Founder & CEO of mimOOkids 

Smart dressing solutions


Easy to pull down and up

Extra big openings

For heads, arms and feet

Fasteners easy to open and close


Development of fine motor skills

With extra big buttons, Steps 3+4

Identify colours and match them correctly

Velcros and buttonholes

Cutting patterns

That allow free movement

Extra elastic openings

For heads, arms and feet


Easy to pull down and up


From 0-3 years

Extra big buttons

From 3 years on


With colour-coded velcros and buttonholes

Comfortable fit

For free movement

Our filosofy - Montessori Clothing

To dress and undress yourself is a daily task for children (and adults) and can cause a big dependence of help from adults. Maria Montessori calls that area “Practical life” and we have combined it with the area “Sensorial activities”.

  • Manipulative clothing: I learn through my hands
  • Sensorial: I learn with my senses and through experimentation 
  • Playful: It’s funny to learn
  • Repetitive tasks: I learn by repeating the same tasks constantly 
  • Child-centred: I motivate myself through achievements 
  • Progressive solutions: Let me learn graduallay until perfection
  • Natural materials: organic and recycled cotton, recycled paper, wood, vegan leathe

1-2 years​

  • I learn to undress myself
  • I can pull down and up my trousers
  • I boost my self-esteem with achievements

2-3 years

  • I learn to find the correct openings for head, arms and legs
  • I start to distinguish colours and to relate them
  • I’m able to close and open simple fasteners like velcros
  • I get more and more self-confident by repeating

3-4 years

  • I learn to distinguish between left and right, front and back
  • I train my concentration on small details
  • I learn to be persistent
  • I stimulate my fine motor skills with more complicated fasteners

4-6 years

  • I distinguish front and back, left and right without help
  • I refine my fine motor skills with complicated fasteners
  • I’m very self-confident and proud of my learnings