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mimOOkids Barcelona stands for Green Fashion for Happy & Independent Children. Certified sustainable materials such as Organic cotton, Linen, Recycled Cotton blends & Natural Olive wood buttons are transformed into easy-dressing garments under ethical conditions ins Barcelona, Spain. We are proud of our partnerships all over the world and are always happy to welcome new members to our mimOOkids Family. mimOOkids was born in Barcelona in 2018 and can be found in more than 10 countries apart of our Online Store with world-wide shipping.

Spain, Pontevedra: Treehouse Kids
Coming Soon

Spain, Barcelona: Olokuti

Spain, Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona): Kids & Beats

Spain, Badalona (Barcelona): Monpetit

Spain, Galicia: Fieito Online Store

Spain, Sarria de Ter (Girona): El Pipiripip

France, Paris: Emeu Kidstore Éco-Responsable

France, Paris: Elo is Bio Online Store

France, Saubion: Saison Bohème

France, Guilly: Boutique Bykl

Portugal, Senhora da Hora: Escola Montessori do Porto

South Korea, Seoul, Seeweebebe

China, Suzhou City: Sinyee Kids

China, Suzhou City: Sinyee Kids

Japan, Hyogo: Codomoco

USA, New Jersey: Luibelle

USA, California, Santa Anna: Outdoor Kiddos Online Store

USA, Michigan, Clarkston: Elo + Mena

USA, California, Newport Beach: Surprisingly

Kuwait, Miniz Market Online Store

UK, Wilton: Tit Tat Bee

Germany, Siegen: My Parents Shop

Germany, Bochum: Okoro Store

Italy, Monza: Il mondo di Leo Online Store

Italy, Slow Nature Online Store

Greece, Athens: Trend Space

Greece, Athens: Quality Toys & Gifts

Lithuania, Vilnius: Umumu

Romania, Brasov: Galbenus

Switzerland, Bern: Ah & Oh Store

Want to be part of our mimOOkids Family?

If you are a Re-seller, Agent or Distributor and looking for innovative & sustainable kids brands, contact us and tell us what you are looking for:


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Discount of 200€/$ for orders made before 02/09/2021


We have matched up with the Wholesale Marketplace Faire to offer special sales conditions for new members of Faire. If your store is located in one of the following countries, you can opt for free shipping, net 60 days after reception payment & 200€ discount:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • EU  (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland)

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Discount of  100€/$  for new members


We offer also special conditions for new members of the Marketplace Ankorstore. If your store is located in one of the following countries, you can opt for free shipping & the 100€ discount:

  • Spain
  • France
  • DACH: Germany, Austria
  • Benelux: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
  • GB: UK, Ireland
  • Italy
  • Scandinavia: Finland, Sweden
  • Portugal
  • East Europe: Lithuania, Slovakia, Estonia

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Are you an educational centre?

  • We collaborate with educational centres such as Kindergartens, Schools or Kids Activity Centres.
  • We offer personalisation, design & local production of sustainable school uniforms and work gear.
  • The centre and students can be completely involved in the design & production process  and visit  our family-owned factories.
  • Quick design and production process from scratch to delivery in less than 4 months

Contact us to see collaboration opportunities:

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Backed by

Expansion and internationalisation program from the Barcelona Chambre of Trade. This project has been subventioned by the the European Fond of Regional Development. Una manera de hacer Europa.

Acceleration program for Start-Ups of the University of Barcelona.

Association of sustainable fashion brands of Barcelona.

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mimOOkids has participated in PITTI BIMBO CONNECT edition II and Playtime Marketplace 2021 and has been backed by ICEX, and financed with the european funding of  FEDER in order to expand and support the economical growth of the company and its region.

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A brand that really strucks us as outstanding!

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The uniform of selfconfidence: Let me do it on my own!


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